Bring Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend Back By The Hindu Astrological Mantra

Sometimes, it happens that we tend to lose our love as we’ve got no way to get lost love back. A person who is near to our hurt and loves unconditionally suddenly behaves like an unknown person will be surely a difficult situation to handle. To come out of this situation, consult with Shastri Ji who will make a strong prayer to bring back lost love. Prayer can facilitate efficiently getting back the lost love.

  • Get back your lover
  • Remove the problems between the couple
  • Make your relationship stronger
  • Improve your relationship bonding
  • Easily get back Ex-girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Prayer to stop unwanted divorce or marriage

When your relationship involves love along with some arguments, it seems common in any relationship. In case, things are growing to become intolerable then one ought to take help that assures to provide 100% best result to get back your love.

Hindu Prayer to get lost love back

“I pray to you to let (Desired Person Name) heart and mind take away all that I did to (Lover Name), albeit what (Desired Person Name) did to me ought to be worst. Provide (Desired Person Name) the utmost strength to examine the negative (Desired Person Name) to me ought to be worst and eventually get the desire to forget everything. Build my relationship stronger. We tend to stand for one another in a cheerful and prospering life.

O my God listens to my prayer and delivers love and success during a relationship that we tend to begin.”

Powerful Prayer to get my love back after a breakup

“O, God! Bring back my love whom I do know

With his comeback, My love can grow

The universe, bring him back (Desired Person Name) with me

I am absolute to come someday with (Desired Person Name)”

Make this prayer by keeping a white candle in front of you by reciting the desired person’s name. It is believed that the prayer is powerful because this directly goes to the lord to get blessings.

Although prayers are powerful. But your problem can’t be solved only with prayer. So as to get back your lost love, you’ll be able to additionally take the assistance of the vashikaran mantra. By doing this prayer your lost love easily back after the breakup but before take some important instructions from Acharya Ji because this prayer does not work without any worship. So Acharya ji doing worship according to your horoscope then it will work in your life.

Hindu prayer to control lost love by Vashikaran Mantra


वज्रकारन शिवे रुद्ध (वांछित व्यक्ति का नाम ) बेहवे मामाई अमृत करू करू भट्ट स्वाहा

If you recite this powerful mantra 11,000 times, you may get your lost love back. To recite this mantra, you may keep your mind free from any reasonable tension. The mantra will deliver a full result within 2 weeks.

Prayer to get Ex boyfreind back Mantra:


ॐ नमो भगवते रुद्रया (वांछित व्यक्ति का नाम) जगमोहन करू करू भट्ट

It’s a powerful prayer to control your ex-mind and get back your ex-boyfriend again in your life. You ought to recite this mantra 121 times for only 7 days. First, take guidance from Acharya Ji.

The mantra is quite easy to speak and delivers a faster result within only 10 days effectively.

When you are getting any problem with your love relationship and unfortunately you are unable to handle this then recite this prayer or chant the mantra in the right method.

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